“La Libia è finita”: il lungo viaggio di Aquarius raccontato dai soccorritori a Valencia – TPI 

Come stanno e dove si trovano ora i migranti dell’Aquarius – TPI 

Altrove, il ristorante multietnico nel cuore di Roma – TPI 

I progetti di ritorno volontario assistito. Dall’Italia al Senegal – Open Migration

Cultural guide to Bari – The Guardian.

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Omar Sow, a senegalese who challenges stereotypesHe has 28 years old. From living on the streets of one of Senegal poorest village, he became an activist and a leader, who sensitize young generation to develop their potential at home instead of leaving the country.

Bruxelles, il giorno dopo – The Post Internazionale. In the aftermath of the Brussels terrorist attacks, the city of Brussels is upside down. But people march and resist.

Lo sport dei nuovi italiani –  The Post Internazionale. The Italian cricket team wins the European championship thanks to migrants.

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Gli skaters hanno salvato il parco – The Post InternazionaleLondon’s skaters save the Southbank Skatepark from plans of commercial redevelopment.

Il villaggio in Kenya per sole donneRoberto Saviano online  – There is a women-only village in Kenya where victims of abuses find refuge and empower themselves through community life and work.

Il futuro del voto è nero – Who do the migrants vote for once they settle down and become UK citizens?  I went to East Ham, the UK’s most ethnically diverse constituency, to find it out.

Bugs life: Can insects feed the world? – Insects production is very efficient in terms of use of natural resources, and could provide livelihood to some of the world’s poorest.

News Report on the consequences of climate change in the UK 

Sunday Super Sunday – The Super Ball is one of the most important events in the United States. However, its prominence doesn’t depend from the fact of being a sportive competition, but rather a “rational ritual”, defining tastes and preference for the whole society for the following year.

Reportage from Kenya – I observed people’s social norms and behavior in a journey between Nairobi and the village of lower Subukia, where I’ve lived with a community of franciscan friars for two weeks.

Reportage from India I observed Indian social norms and behavior in a trip from the city of Agra to the Rajasthan’s village of Pushkar.

The UK 2015 General Election Day in picturesThe Post Internazionale


Traveling in tandem from Seville to Istanbul, the Mediterranean sea has never been so big – Cafebabel – Here is the story of a Spanish couple who travelled along the Mediterranean coast from Spain to Turkey by tandem.

Spanish version: entre la mozzarella y el çay