Thousands migrants try to reach Europe through illegal ways every year. Most of young west africans leave their villages and towns for lack of opportunities and decide to invest all they have in an adventure whose risks are often unknown or underestimated. Cooperation agencies and NGOs are trying to develop information systems to sensitize migrants on the risks of the illegal road to Europe and on the opportunities existing nowadays in West Africa.

CISV is one of the Italian NGOs who is trying to develop such systems trough the active participation of west africans young generations. My video:


In April 2015 I went to Kenya to report on how mobile phones are supporting farming operations in the country.


TV package on Community Energy in the UK 

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Interview with Greek expert Prof Kevin Featherstone on Greece debt crisis talks – The Press Association

General Views from a demonstration by the Greek Solidarity Campaign in Trafalgar Square, central London – The Press Association

TV piece – Demonstration to end violence against women “Reclaim the night” in London.

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